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A new standard in wedge performance. Mack Daddy 4 wedges are NOW available ?

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Callaway Golf


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. I’m so sick of the fraudulent and deceptive marketing practices of the golfing industry! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! Every year manufacturers come out with « new technology » and do their best to « sell us » on it. Every year the same bullshit! This has been going on for decades. Some of it may apply to elite touring pros, but the average golfer is just wasting their money . .
    and lots of it!

  2. Forget golf, buy a bike, running shoes, hiking boots. Such a stupid game and a waits of time. For old lazy fat white guys thinking their athletic. Riding in a cart whacking s tiny ball around.

  3. I just upgraded to the last ones. But daymm are these sexy. I will be getti mg these and handing down my md3 to my son .. I use a 52 56 60 and 64. I love the look the feel and the confidence i get from the sexiness. I’d like to have all my new one custom fit there are alot of options. On grinds and I just don’t know what I really really need. No place I can find stocks them all to try. Or to properly fit me

  4. Go away ! Golf here on courses that kill the nearshore reefs, and play with equipment that is about style and color made with hot glue to fill and balance the club heads, and companies who steal from their employees, and lay them all off every year from thanx giving till after New Years.. This company for sure is a bad neighbor in this area..

  5. A lot of wasted mil work on the back, reminds me of the pxg wedges ! Why waste money on the back of a club ! I’d prefer they put the investment in the part of the club that actually hits the ball

  6. Can’t wait to buy mine from work at Dick’s Sporting Goods! Finally got two Chrome heads in Left Handed. Switched to the Chrome Soft ball early last Spring and have been playing better with more confidence. Still loyal to my Titleist ProV1 balls, but the Chrome Soft plays just as well if not a little better than the ProV1s in terms of my playing style.

  7. A new standard for dinner. I like callaway but i love my sauces more. Why u ask , they dont change every 6 months. They are inexpensive and they are made from luv
    Make dinner tonight TRYTHISSAUCE DOT C O M

  8. The high toe, the reduced weight with the four drill out’s, and the grooves that run the full width of the club’s face all contribute to an excellent wedge. I have all 4 of the Mack Daddy Phil Mickelson wedges by Callaway. I carry the 56, 60, and 64 degree wedges in my bag routinely. I use the 58 degree to practice.

  9. Jimmyand Becky Savoy. That’s what I need. A new lob wedge. With some bite. The one you gave me is slick. Lol. I need to buy me one but I’ll have to get you to show me what I should get.

  10. Whatever you do, don’t purchase a Mack daddy wedge with the standard KBS shaft unless you enjoy a telephone pole stiffness and ZERO touch around the greens. Better to opt for a lightweight shaft or even graphite imo.

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