Taco Bell Truvis Giveaway! LIKE and TAG two friends you’d like to attend the Was…

Taco Bell Truvis Giveaway! LIKE and TAG two friends you’d like to attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open with for a chance to win a dozen of Wesley Bryan’s Chrome Soft Taco Bell Truvis balls for all three of you ???⚽️ >>
US and Canada only. Sweepstakes ends Sunday, 2/4 at 5:00pm PST. One winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. Warren Bottke and Mark Davis would love to attend this event!! Great golfers and friends. Throw in some delicious Taco Bell fries , tequila and fireball… we are ready!!

  2. Those are gorgeous and they were already my favorite before you made them purple my favorite color. Jayson Love & Bill Mulvey. How good would this look with my purple and white argyle golf outfit.

  3. Casey Cudd cause we always golfing together and partake in some late night Taco Bell. Richard Collins cause he is Taco Bell’s biggest fan, although he doesn’t need to play these balls. Stay with the top flights Richard

  4. Jimmy Willmott Max Vargas screw it. Might as well to try and win some golf balls. I lose enough of them on the course. Maybe people would like Taco Bell balls in their yards! ??

  5. As a soon to be college student and currently a broke high school senior, I personally view Taco Bell as a god send, because the $5 cravings deal is the best thing ever❤ my life is truly blessed for this creation

  6. Taco Bell is so good. With my golf club I would hit those golf balls so hard that with the force times the acceleration of those golf balls traveling, those balls will disintegrate into the alternative universe!

  7. My siblings, Jodi and Jill, we need to get some golfing in this year. Didn’t have a chance last year due to injuries and accidents. Great time to golf and eat some Taco Bell.

  8. Shane Clarke, and Simon Tomlin are the two friends that come to mind. We need to get out and play more, so if we win the balls we can get out on the links. If this rain ever stops that is… lol

  9. Both of my sons! My oldest son’s first words were tato bell. His mother had to have taco Bell throughout her pregnancy with him, and he is still a hardcore taco Bell fan. He would love to tee up a taco Bell ball and hit it in the woods.

  10. Matt Allen and Nick Smallwood I totally need this ball- I play this and have been asking Calloway to make a purple ball for two years now!! I am almost out of my pink ones! <3 🙂

  11. Kyler Wells Johnson Kameron Riddell bean and cheese rice burrito add guac before every round for me! Now, the fiesta fries have got my attention!!! ? Best ball graphics I have ever seen… ?

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