Introducing Rogue Irons

How distance should feel.

Say hello to the new Rogue irons—the best combination of distance, accuracy and playability ever in a Callaway iron >> #1IronsInGolf


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  1. More distance is bullshit, modern lofts are 2-3 degree stronger than a few years back , i play a 33* 7 iron from mizuno and it go’s 150m, i’m off a 8.3 handicap and don’t need to tricked by loft into thinking « oh i can hit my 7 iron 180m like a tour pro » Callaway your starting to go down down the taylormade path with the amount of stuff you put out every year, golf clubs at the moment are a joke

  2. What the he’ll happened to Epic? Callaway spends a whole year pushing and telling us Epic is the best driver, irons etc. and now Rouge is better? It’s all about marketing, get to the range, take a lesson and save your money cause no matter what you buy 10 minutes later all the club manufacturers will tell you there is something better!

  3. Wouldn’t it be laughable if the good doctor came out and said these new clubs are merely the equivalent of everything else that we have offered. Said that we stopped r&d for a year and just repackaged what we sold previously!

  4. Awe man , you guys making me feel bad. I just got fitted and ordered my Rouge irons after retiring my AP1s. More distance could mean Im just a little farther in the woods # 14handicap

  5. I like older clubs rather than the new ones. The difference is better metal the heads are made of. Golf is accuracy not distance but distance is good if controlled.

  6. My old zing 2s are better than anything else I’ve ever hit, unfortunately they’re illegal now. Callaway, if you didn’t make so many damn golf club lines of product, our older models would be valued a little more. Then we could make a little more cash to put toward the new stuff. CHILL OUT ALREADY!!!!

  7. I want! I’ve used the Apex all of last year and I can’t wait for these babies. Callaway has mastered feel and these look amazing. I’m looking forward to the Rogue Driver as well! Yeah Baby!

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