Rogue Fairway Wood White Paper

Rogue is the world’s FIRST fairway wood with Jailbreak distance technology ??

Pre-order yours now and experience our most powerful fairway yet >>


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  1. Today’s equipment is great but it doesn’t improve your overall game and lower scores unless you fix your swing flaws. Until you can consistently score below 80 with your existing gear, don’t waste money on new equipment.

  2. Jailbreak Distance Technology and more meaningless marketing terms we invent every year to get you to spend more money on the same club you have in your bag right now. Oh, and you’re still NOT gonna break 80.

  3. I think the reason these clubs are sometimes worth the money is the performance on Mishits, they are more forgiving on hits out of center, that’s we’re companies are getting more out of these clubs…that’s why AVERAGE distance continues to rise, because performance over the face has increased greatly.

  4. Rogue technology is real! I have personally tested the 7 iron along side of 15 other top line clubs. It consistently has spin rates that match all the other 7 irons in my shop. It has the same peak height as the other 7 irons and it goes 10 to 15 yards longer than the other 7 irons. The Rogue x is launching so high they are able to decrease the loft making it go a long way. This club will be easy to sell. It works!! PGA Teaching Pro.

  5. These golf equipment ads are hilarious. They claim you can hit the ball further and faster swing speed every year. Alot of people don’t know this but golf club faces have been the same for over a decade. The rule to be considered conforming is that the clubface is only allowed to make a golf ball travel at a maximum of 2.72yds per 1mph. You can get non-conforming one that are 5yds per 1mph but they are illegal and sometimes over $1000. If you really wanna hit the ball longer, find a clubhead you like, get fitted for a shaft and practice 1hr a day. CoG isn’t much of a factor with today’s adjustable clubs. If you find something you like without adjustability, take it to a pro club maker and I mean an old skool one. Have them fit you so they can do a face melt and then that club will be at the perfect CoG for your swing at that time. They can even change the impact sound if you don’t like it.

  6. Golf club designer Dave Boone created much the same thing about 15 years ago. Boone was the chief designer for Lynx, and he moved over to Zevo after Lynx declared bankruptcy.

    Here was Boone on Zevo’s Compressor driver, which contained an internal compression device made of a material called Zylon. This device, designed for stability, connected the sole and crown of the driver.
    It’s all been done before.

  7. I’ll be shocked if this can outperform (for me) my 3 year old M1 3w. At separate fittings with Cally reps, the Epic couldn’t, the Fusion couldn’t, nor could the XR or XR-16. Maybe I got a unicorn, but I’ve never had a better fairway metal.

  8. After being fitted, I hit Callaway Rogue 3w the same distance as my Nike Covert 2.0 driver – 270-280. I hit the Rogue driver 305 consistently. Had a long talk with my wife about who is picking up extra hours at work.. ?

  9. I am a teaching professional. I was able to demo the Rogue 3W and was very impressed. I averaged more distance with Rogue than with several top of the line drivers. I was 3 yards longer with Rogue 3W over the new Cobra F8 driver, 5 yards longer than M1 driver, 8 yards longer than M2 driver, and 13 yards longer than G400 driver. Averages were gathered after I hit 5 balls with each club. I didn’t even compare with Titleist because there’s obviously no point as their new driver professionally tested with poor performance and low ball speed. I can attest. My longest ball was 324 with Rogue 3W. Ball speed with Rogue averaged 173, which was higher than all the above mentioned drivers. The only club I’ve ever hit consistently farther was the Epic Driver. I’m not a big believer in all the tech talk but whatever they have done with jailbreak must me working.

  10. Well I’m a plus golfer. And I brought epic driver, 3 and 5 wood. I picked up well over twenty yards with each wood. The driver was closer to 30. Now, I can reach a six hundred par 5 with driver and 3 woods. And, I’m 60. I’ve hit jail break fairway 3 and 5 wood rogue. My number are five to 8 yards longer. So, all you haters on equipment. If you get set up with right weights, shaft, and loft on those clubs. Your scores will improve. With that, don’t be like tiger and over swing the driver. Hit the five wood and play smart. Too many you am, just play stupid golf. Play the right tees, and play to 150 to 125 in. Your scores will drop……have fun. And I’m telling you spend the extra money on those rogues. Even if it the woods….

  11. I and my wife just bought sets of woods, they are better. I bought the ultra light GBB Epic Star wood set with same technology, and my swing speed is better, as is my distance. There a bit overpriced, wait a while, and save a lot.

  12. Was fitted for this driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood. They arrive Feb.9th. This will help me drive the ball longer, and farther to the right, and to ensure I’ll make it to the adjacent fairway. 🙂

  13. « Jail break technology »….more marketing bs….like lower CG and higher MOI…every year golf manufacterers claim that the new clubs travel 10 years further….if that was true…we should all be driving the ball 400 yeards by now…lol. Sceptisism aside….I’m a a Callaway guy and a sucker for « new technology »…..there will probably be a Rogue club in my bag at some point….lol. Elliot James is right…it’s more about the swing. I visited a friend in Florida last summer….who lives on a golf course….because I’m a lefty..and wasn’t traveling with my clubs…he picked up an « ancient » set at a Goodwill The clubs had to be over 25 years old…with much smaller heads and heavier materials than modern clubs. Because I was playing with such crappy equipment..I focused on dramatically slowing my swing down and just making contact….I ended up hitting the hell out of those crappy clubs..and having a great round. Lesson learned…. good equipment can improve a good swing..but nothing can help a flawed poor tempo swing.

  14. First of all, let me say I love my Callaway clubs. They’re great. But it must be a daunting task having to come up with some little tweak to make the club sound better than last year’s model. I recently played a round with a guy who bought one of those drivers with screw settings. The whole round he tinkered with that thing, turning this and twisting that. No matter what he did, he hit the ball like crap. Finally I said, « Do they give you a setting that makes you a better golfer? »

  15. Callaway produces a quality club but their leadership from the top down screw the people who work for them… Mr. Callaway was a great man and leader but after he passed away the leadership has definitely changed… This I can attest to because I worked for Callaway in Roanoke and left because they treated the people like second class citizens…

  16. All I can say, is here comes another business adding Rogue to their brand, and I have yet to receive a royalty check, lol. This Rogue (me) was born in 1952. I spent 43 years in law enforcement (Federal and State, combined). I have been all over the world and never met nor heard of another person with my name. Seriously, I’ve been playing with Callaway clubs for more than 20 years, starting with X12s and currently using X22 Tours. So, Callaway, help the one and only true Rogue out…………..

  17. Hit the demo of this last week. Literally the Epic just re marketed. It felt awful and was very inconsistent. I’ve never liked the look or feel of callaway drivers. Taylormade all the way.

  18. I think this is why they released a Rogue line. Not for the driver, but to see if the Hybrid and woods would take off with the Jailbreak in it. If it doesn’t do as well as epic, it is scratched. If it does better than Epic, then Epic goes. Just my opinion. Doesn’t make sense why they would keep both around otherwise

  19. I tested this on Friday, ain’t nothing special about it. No extra distance, my Ping G smokes all Callaway drivers, but GBB will always have a place in my heart. It’s truly a joke how often Callaway comes out with new stuff. It’s like they custom make one for a tour player and then sell knock offs to the public.

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