Sergio Garcia – What’s in the Bag?

Sergio’s going Rogue this week in Singapore…

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Sergio Garcia – What’s in the Bag?

Callaway’s newest star Tour staffer, 2017 Masters champ Sergio Garcia, is gearing up for his first start of 2018 in Singapore. He’ll have a bag filled with the latest tech, including the all new Rogue


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  1. I’ve been saving up for a 2017 M2 to go with my wood and hybrid. But then I saw this Rogue and now I am feeling a bit torn. Keeping a close eye on these reviews and such that have been coming out lately. Really interested to see comparison of the M2 and the Rogue

  2. Who said it was Sergio’s choice????

    Taylor made had the huge deal with Rory this year. 200+million
    Not to mention they also have DJ, Rahm, Tiger, Day, Rose!

    They prolly tried to give him a pay cut come end of year, and he just won the masters. So that put him where he is at now. If he wasn’t confident in being able to make the switch and still compete, trust me he wouldn’t have made it.

    I saw him last week at work trying out 3 diff putters. That’s 80% of the battle right there, that’s what will make or break his 2018 season.

  3. I met Sergio & Tiger in Georgia whilst We went to purchase Callaway. Maybe bcuz of Tiger s Mother being an oriental, He smiled & gave me an autograph but Sergio just made Rude face & left. Never liked Him since then…..???

  4. Not a Callaway fan whatsoever but have to say the steelheads would have been my 2nd choice after trying all the models out.. Idk about these rogues but they look cool

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