2017 Callaway Golf Holiday Gift Guide

It’s a wonderful time of year for some new Callaway gear ???

2017 Callaway Golf Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2017 Callaway Holiday Gift Guide, where you can find the PERFECT gift for every golfer on your list this year.


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. I’m due for a new set between now and spring and was leaning towards ping but if these idiots finally recognize not using a NFL thug as a spokesman I will put them back into the equation because I like my current « hot » clubs but one more thug and I’m gone

  2. Terry, the young man cook leading the golf tournament this week I knew his grandfather very well his was a golf pro in Minneapolis , he was about 5 ft 5 one of the great short game guys you could ever see

  3. Some of these clowns with those antiquated thoughts need to get themselves some hickory shafts to go with those comments. Yeah you know who you are. Would love to see some of you hacks on the course somewhere. Always talking crap. I will get that ? cash quick !!! You can’t by a Game !!! Hacks will never understand that.

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