Golf is hard

Golf is hard ?


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. My favorite shot – no kidding. On par three day at the masters many years ago Gary Player was holding court at one of the practice bunkers. He taught the 45-45-90 setup and it has worked ever since.
    Love those Callaway Balls.

  2. William Casimir Keryc can get out of that and leave himself a tap-in to save par … Karl Weiss would approach that shot with a beach chair and sunblock …. Joe Saccomanno will set up a Go Pro and provide so much commentary that the ball would crave the cup!!!

  3. Found a Callaway in the woods this spring. Thought it was a warbird, didn’t really look at the logo on the side of it. Played it the rest of the round. It flew long and soft around the greens was impressed with the ball at the end of the round. Finally looked on the side of the ball, said Chrome soft. Now bought two dozen for my bag!

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