Claymation: Scarface and Arian Foster Make a Bet

« You got your card swiper with you? » ??

This is the story of Scarface and his bet with Arian Foster on Golf Lives.


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  1. I’m black, and I golf. This ad is the best ever. It shows that the game transcends race and culture. That the same camaraderie and gamesmanship takes place no matter who is playing. It’s just a couple of buddies out trying to beat the course. To Those that said it was racist, I dont agree…..

  2. This is freaking terrible… we are sick of seeing it…. why are you guys pushing this so damn much…. makes no sence unless your trying that hard to appease your gangster audience….. we couldn’t care any less…. please bring more quality pieces or just completely stop

  3. So dope!!!!!!! Callaway is down, I’m glad to see them
    Marketing towards different audiences (youth, hip hop, not just white people) so inspiring. Looks like Callaway Golf values my business. I’m going to buy some of f their products.

  4. Callaway Golf needs to take whoever decided to put Scarface (ONE OF THE GREATEST EMCEES GOD GAVE US) in these videos and make them King/Queen of All Things Callaway??. This is what the world should be coming to-mixing it up where we never thought possible and watching the beauty unfold. I use Callaway woods but Mizuno irons?. Do NOT judge me.

  5. Great Ad and my bag is all Callaway Woods and Irons sorry Callaway Clevland has my wedges and Scotty has my putter and the Epic woods have given me length I had lost in the last few years

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