Golf Lives Part II

We hung out with Arian Foster to talk about life after the NFL, his obsession with golf and his upcoming match with Scarface.

Introducing Golf Lives Part II.


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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25 commentaires

  1. Arian Foster is a disgrace. Another spoiled NFL thug that cries social injustice while kneeling during the national anthem. Shame on you Callaway, I guarantee I will no longer purchasing your products for supporting this thug.

  2. Knew him as a kid in Albuquerque, he was a great player then as well. His older brother Abdul played for a youth football team I coached and his dad Carl was an assistant coach. Great family. His mom Bernadette still lives there.

  3. Remember to kneel at the tournament when they announce his name. What ever happened to that girl he knocked up outside of his marriage and he insisted she get an abortion? Told her his marriage was over at the time. A liar, a cheat, anti American. Such a fine human being (sarcasm).

  4. Callaway used to be my choice in golf equipment Not anymore! Anybody that would “Hang out “ with a black supremacist that played or plays in the NFL is not a company I will do business with Thank God I have a lot of good choices in golf stuff

  5. Never really cared for the guy but what he is doing with his daughter is what 90% of America’s dads should be doing and that is being a FATHER not just a male  » figure » in the home or part-time .

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