We’re looking for a few lucky golfers to be the first to test & review the new…


We’re looking for a few lucky golfers to be the first to test & review the new #XForged irons. SIGN UP here >>


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. I have the Ping I200’s I demoed your irons at the PGA store and they put together the right head and shaft and I was crushing it. I’m 66 years old just retired and playing 4 days a week.
    The only thing that kept me from getting those clubs was the price. I will tell you I was hitting a 7 iron consistently 195 yards and with really great accuracy. The price difference was around 4 or 5 hundred.

  2. Only way I’m gonna test any new irons is if I get to keep them. Highly doubt they can outperform my 7 year old MP68’s. A company that makes as much money as Callaway can surely afford to give away 100 sets of $1,000 dollar irons

  3. 68 years old, played cobras for last 12 years, switched to Callaway Chrome Soft this year & love that ball. Started playing at age 51 after playing baseball & Mens fastpitch, 14 handicap & would enjoy trying Callaway clubs. Heading to Florida soon & would fit right into
    my golf plans.

  4. played Callaway clubs for years i have last apex set made i have a brother that has made a career at Titleist i could get clubs from him or any of his friends there and actually get harassed every time i play with them i would love to show off my new Callaway Irons to them all!!!!!!!

  5. Would love to try these out, but just started playing my Apex CF16’s. You guys are doing great things. Just please don’t pull a Taylormade and put out too many products at once.These, the Apex And Apex MB and steelheads are plenty for now. Oh, and love my Epic driver too?

  6. That’s a beautiful looking club but I’m simply not interested. After filling out a few of these I’m done trying. Callaway makes you fill out an extensive survey form about yourself and they don’t even have the respect to get back to you with a form letter saying we received your application and sorry you haven’t been chosen. Plus they often do this just as the season is closing. Good luck to all those who get chosen but I feel this is just a survey gimmick or Callaway should be more appreciative for our efforts.

  7. Recently upgraded my 40 year old clubs with XR irons and hybrids. Really like them but years ago played forged tour blades and who does not like the feel and sound of well struck ball off a forged club.

  8. 6 handicap and have played for 30+ years. I have played Calloway woods before but never irons. Right now I play Taylor Made Rocketball blades. Would love to try your new irons.

  9. Been with Callaway since Feb. 07. Had full sets of X22s, RazrXs, RazrX Tours, and 2 1/2 yrs ago finally found the right clubs for me. Currently playing Apex Tours (LH), S flex, 7 iron ydg. 155-160, hcp 11, 67 yrs old. Thinking abt a new set in Jan.-Feb. I’m up for trying these new clubs out.

  10. I »m 73 and my irons aren’t quite that old. Play callaway golf ball, an just ordered a new 5 wood from Callaway. It’s my driver where I live, On The Greens, Cottonwood, Az. Coyote Trails Golf Course. The 6th green is right below our deck.

  11. Would love to try. Currently have Callaway irons, epic Driver and 3 wood. .8 Index. Thanks to Kyle Free one of our Club pros, I converted to Callaway. Won the club championship this year with my APX irons and Epic woods.

  12. X-hot pro irons for the past 6-7+ years, love em!! Played with a buddy yesterday who just bought Taylormades P770 which he let me hit a few times….Taylormade…you lose! My xhot pros are still the Shit???

  13. Bought the new Steelhead XR 3 wood and it has become my favorite club in the bag. Off the tee, off the fairway, or out of the rough. It performs perfect! Love the look to with the blue Carbon Fiber. Hope to get some new irons soon. May have to check out the X-Forged. ?

  14. Have played Callaways since the original S2H2’s. Would love to try the X forged but season is drawing to a close here in Michigan. Please keep me in mind next spring. FYI…58 yrs old…6hdcp…thanks for the quality products thru the years

  15. Is that your satin finish again? You really need to bail on that idea. Looks great till the club’s are played with…scratches and tarnish when you look at them wrong. I spent 1800 on new set of Apex irons this spring and with less,than 50 rounds and they look 5 years old…I have talked to customer service and received zero satisfaction…the Razors I traded in were much better ….

  16. I play Callaway irons, and have for over 10 years. I have yet to try a forged iron from Callaway, but would absolutely love to try them. Standard lie and length, in a stiff shaft. Preferably a stiff/firm graphite. I love that shaft on my Hawkeyes. I have stiff riffle shafts on my newer Callaway irons. ??️?

  17. I’m a Callaway lifer look me up on your customer list..I am currently back on my Fusion irons but I have a few sets ..If you want a Biased opinion send me a set ..I love the Callaway weight it’s always so consistent..Only clubs I didn’t like were the big berthas from the late 90s the sole was just too wide for me ..But I will give you my honest opinion , I have written you guys a few times and have always gotten great responses would love to be part of the Team!

  18. Currently gaming the Apex Pros from a few years back and love them, and think I could benefit from the x forged. The MB irons look great as well. I have Callaway everything now and will most likely be upgrading the bag next season. Keep up the great work Callaway. Your founder would be proud.

  19. I am a 50 year old 13 handicap golfer who has played Pings my entire career of 18 years. In fact I have never even hit another brand of clubs. However, I would love the opportunity to give them a try to see if I could improve my mid range iron game and lower my score. A 35 years veteran of the volunteer fire service I know and talk with s lot of friends who golf. If these clubs ate good I will hit a home run for you. Love to give them a try.

  20. Just thought of another good reason to let me try the clubs. I play at a small par 3 in Oceanside. Emerald Isle. Yeah…I know a short par 3. However, how many times do I use the irons? Every hole and use all of them trying cuts and draws on many of the holes.

  21. I started playing golf about 5 years ago, at age 40. Of course I started with a set of cheap used clubs I found on Craigslist, then I upgraded to a set of 2009 Callaway X-forged that I truly loved. Would love to give these a try and see how they stack up against their predecessors!!!

  22. I would love to try the new Callaway irons. I purchased Callaway Apex Forged irons last year and love them. But we are always looking for new higher tech clubs to improve our game. My Son Joe Goodrich with Billy Casper Golf led me to the Apex clubs last year and I am glad he did.

  23. I’m 40… started playing golf at 13 or so. Before the kiddos were born 10yrs ago i had my handicap down to a 2… as life happens and you play less i am currently an 8 on the index. I Changed to a forged club in 2001 when I bought a set of Hogan Apex edge pro irons. I sent them to myrtle at my mother’s house so I could have a set when I travelled without the hassle of shipping or lugging clubs through the airport. 6 years ago I purchased the Callaway X Forged irons and loved them just as much. I was able to control my trajectory and shape much easier with the Callaway X Forged. Looking forward to testing the new ones if given the opportunity.

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