Chipping 101 with Phil Mickelson

Chipping 101 with Phil Mickelson: Improve your short game with these THREE basic tips from the legend himself ?


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Paul, joueur occasionnel dans le sud de le France, passionné par le golf depuis plus de 10 ans. Recherche pour vous les informations les plus pertinentes dans les championnats et sur le matériel de golf.

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  1. Great information from maybe the best short game player in decades. I do find it interesting that he’s using a 60 degree and doesn’t talk at all about how different lofts can be used in different situations. For example, just off the green in the fringe, with the pin on the opposite side of the green (say 75-80 feet). Maybe try an 8-iron. Also, I think mid-handicappers struggle with chipping a 60 degree lob wedge, I have more success with gap/pitching wedge. Congrats, Phil on your victory!

  2. I’ve had his Secrets of the short game dvd for umm 6, or 7 years now. It has helped me become one of the best wedge players at my home course. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on golf.

  3. This is interesting. And by interesting, I mean it’s in direct contrast to what Dave Pelz teaches (Mickelson is/was a Dave Pelz student). Pelz teaches to chip with the ball in the middle of your stance and Phil is teaching the exact opposite. No wonder us weekend hackers are confused when the greats of the game can’t even agree on the basic principles of chipping. LOL

  4. Says nothing about the wrists which i have always struggled with. I typically use bump and run with a 9 iron using a putter stroke with firm wrists. Flops require wrist action which can result in the dreaded skull. When i have to flop I’m usually about 60 percent because I have never mastered the wrist action.

  5. Phil’s left handed, so his front foot is my back foot and his back foot is my front foot and he hits it high and I hit it low. Outside of that, I understand completely.
    Congrats on Mexico City, Phil.
    A true gentleman and a pro.

  6. I agree the ball placement issue is interesting vis-a-vis front or back, which for me is not as important as the relationship of the ball to your sternum…but heh??

  7. Tyty, t’as compris? Écoute bien the short game master chef et après ta crise de patte folle, tu viens faire pareil avec moi. C’est pas plus compliqué, je fais ça tous les jours (plus ou moins bien ) lolll

  8. Phil is my favorite golfer. He is a wonderful family man and does a lot for charity. I am surprised it has taken him so long to win a tournament because he is the best golfer out there.

  9. There are so many people telling you how to chip. Phil is great and I use it for 40 to 80 yard shots, but check out James Seickman and Phils utube putting drills are a must use.

  10. He’s one of the Best short game players The game has ever seen. His three simple tips can be used with a variety of clubs around the green and I’m starting right now practicing them. Thanks Phil

  11. I was taught to use a putting motion and use different irons to give the loft I wanted. I use a 3 iron 7iron or gap wedge for my chips. All depends where I want the ball to land normally wanting as much roll sooner than later as possible unless undulations make a landing further into green important

  12. Thanks Phil…. I will try that this weekend…. I have been using a 7 iron with a putting stroke and has been working but I will try my wedge and see how that works out….

  13. Great to see Phil give these helpful tips. I wish more of the « gifted few » would advance the game with hints and technique to improve the people’s game. I’ll be trying this on the range soon. I would certainly appreciate more of the same.

  14. The Smartballgolf trainer is a great help in this regard to show you in lights if your coming down onto the ball first or scooping with wrists and hands or weight is shifting backwards. Conquer this chip first with
    Great advice Phil..!

  15. Great info….. I am, ( was after today ) , that guy he was talking about who always played the ball from the middle of the stance. and as Phil said, it was a disaster almost always.. Thanks for the tip. will start to improve my chipping game next time out.. 🙂

  16. Strength of my game for years and that is how I was taught. I live it. That is how you get creative as he is. If you don’t follow these 3 rules you might as not bother trying to chip. Pull out the putter.

  17. To all of my golf loving friends, this simple lesson will forever change your golf life, and help you lower your scores no matter your handicap. This is the single best golf lesson I ever had.

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