HE’S DONE IT! Phil takes the first playoff hole to WIN the WGC Mexico Champions…


Phil takes the first playoff hole to WIN the WGC Mexico Championship ?? #GoRogue


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  1. Wow, congratulation Phil! Wait no Tiger Woods news, every golf tournament begins with this has been . Tiger this, Tiger that, until he’s on the leaderboard in competition to possibly winning( not just being there) leave him out of all the great hype the winner deserves.
    He’s has had been, until he starts playing on the Senior Tour, that’s when he’ll start winning again.
    And when we’ll hear it again Tiger this, Tiger that.
    And yes i know he didn’t play this weekend..
    Again, Way To Go Phil!!!!!

  2. Sure nice to see Phill beat JT in the playoff. JT has so much to learn about being a professional. Having a fan tossed because he was rooting against you is quite pitiful. Jack had Arnie’s entire Army rooting against him and never thought about pulling a stunt like that. Great job Phil!

  3. Good weekend for Callaway. First Michelle wie wins in Singapore for the first time since her us major win in 2014 and now Phil’s back in the winners circle. First since his open win in 2013 too. Can’t make these stats up. Congratulations to both!

  4. Phil has always been my hero for several reasons; how he conducts himself privately and publicly, his amazing talents in golf, and of course because he is a fellow lefty! Congrats, Phil!!!

  5. Well done Phil. He scared me again on the par 5 11th when he was in the bushes but he hung tough. Long time coming. Now let’s complete the Career Grand Slam and win this years US Open. Good Luck Phil.

  6. I’ve wanted Phil to win for so long and it was always disappointing to see him get lower and lower on the leaderboard but today he came out on top! Of course if it was between Justin Thomas and someone other than Phil, I’d love to see Thomas win

  7. I could see this coming by how he’s been playing lately. Great for him!!! He’s great for golf,like Palmer was. Always takes time for his fans and has morals. 47 year old taking it to the youngsters,hope he wins another green jacket. GO PHIL!!!!

  8. So happy for Phil and his family. Psoriatic arthritis is hard to live with, but Phil is teaching us all how to live a successful happy life with pain and how to rise above the pain⛳️⛳️⛳️

  9. Congrats to my favorite player. My personality is so different from Phil, but I would like to hope, that if I was in his position, that I would handle the fame, the ups and the downs, with as much class as Phil has.

  10. Congrats Phil you deserve it, a great player , I followed him around in Phoenix many times and he was always great with the fans and it shows by the way they admire him.

  11. Another great man in black. Love that he won, the PGA without Phil the thrill is something I don’t want to watch. Congrats lefty. Here’s to the next 7 or 8. Love how he answered that question after his victory.  » I will get to 50″ . He’s been such an inspiration his whole career I look forward to the rest of the story

  12. Justin Thomas just back spin a chip shot for a eagle ? 16 under in Mexico champ. Michelson 15 under with 3 hole to play go” Phil.!” Us Left handler stick together PHIL WON” ho” lay.

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